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Welcome to Dino Tints the no1 window tinting specialist.


Whatever you drive from a 3 door hatch to a 4x4, we have the window tint for you. From tints to enhance the look of the vehicle, increase privacy or protect your family from UV rays, to security and anti-intruder window films, exclusive tinting has it covered.


We only use the finest films on the market. We source

our window films from the world’s best window film

manufacturers.  All our work has a lifetime

guarantee and we ensure that only the best

possible window film is used.  All tints are

carried out in a clean dust free environment

ensuring the best possible

finish to your car.



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  • Life time Warranty

  • Factory finish

  • Main dealer approved 

  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee or money back

  • Only use the latest technology 

  • Only use the best Products (Suntek)

  • Mobile window tinting

  • In house tinting

  • Free pick up and drop of Service

  • Best price Guaranteed


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