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Car tinting in Portsmouth - 5th January 2015


Do you want to upgrade the glass on your car?


Whatever you drive, whether it’s a little run around or an executive saloon car, window tinting is proving a popular option for all motorists. Car tinting enhances the look of the vehicle, increases the degree of security and privacy, and protects anyone inside the vehicle from the potentially damaging effects of UV rays. Window film ultimately acts as an anti-intruder device, giving you peace of mind that the contents of your vehicle cannot really be seen.


Looking for car tinting in Portsmouth? Give Dino Tints a try. Advanced engineering techniques are used to produce the window film we use, so you can be sure the film is of quality and can meet all your requirements. The film we fit is of the highest industry standards, and we work to accommodate your schedule. If you’ve decided on car tinting, we can travel to you and install the window film to ensure that you don’t have to take time off work or rearrange your schedule.


Car tinting has revolutionised the way we drive, and if you’d like to experience the convenience of window film on your car then the team at Dino Tints can help. 


Window Tinting Services in Guildford - 24th November 2014


For all the cars that drive past you as you’re out and about on the roads, from behind the steering wheel you might just be wondering why they all look so sophisticated and smart. The sophisticated and smart look comes from window tinting, an innovation currently taking the automotive world by storm.


Window tinting not only improves the aesthetics of the exterior of your vehicle but also helps to keep the interior of the vehicle cool and at a comfortable temperature for the inhabitants of the vehicle. It also reduces glare, and protects children or pets who might be travelling in the back from the sun’s rays.


If you’ve decided to have window tinting on your car, the law has laid down certain rules regarding window tinting. Side rear and rear windscreens have no restrictions, while the front windows must allow at least 75% of natural light through.

Window tinting services are available in Guildford through Dino Tints. Using Suntek’s carbon series film, we can work to your schedule and apply the window film when it’s convenient for you. The smart and sophisticated look can be yours too.  


Window Tinting in Reading - 10th November 2014

Do you want the innovation of window tinting to work for you?


Whether it’s your car, your home or your office, window film brings a lot of benefits. Now you can enjoy a more private existence and prevent the potentially-harmful rays of the sun from damaging the interiors of your car, home or place of work. The installation of window film helps to create a more comfortable indoor environment; an environment that’s cooler and more shaded. Window tinting in residential and commercial buildings can help to reduce your utility bills as well as helping to protect your interiors.


If you’re looking for window tinting in Reading, Dino Tints is ideally placed to offer you a quality window tinting service.

We use Suntek’s carbon series film which offers a lifetime warranty against damage to the tint. We offer the convenience of coming to you to install your window film. If you require car tinting we can install the film while the car’s parked in your driveway or parked at your place of work. There’s no need to alter your schedule or take time off work, we can accommodate your schedule. 


Car Tinting In London - 27th October 2014


Is car tinting the way forward? Many car owners and motorists think so. Not only do you get privacy but you get aesthetic value and you won’t be overheated in your car by the power of the sun’s rays.


For many of us, car journeys are becoming longer and longer. The more cars on the road, the longer car journeys take. Now car tinting can’t help in shortening your journeys to work, for example, but it will have the effect of making you feel more comfortable in your car, especially during the summer months. Privacy, the maintenance of a cool and comfortable temperature for driving, and protection for your upholstery are just a few of the advantages of having window tints installed on your vehicle.


Are you looking for a company that offers quality car tinting in London?


Dino Tints offers a quality car tinting service at a competitive price. We use Suntek’s carbon series film which offers a lifetime warranty against damage to the tint. We can work to your schedule and install the window tints as and when you need us to while your car’s parked in your driveway or while it’s parked at work – whatever suits you best. 


Window Tinting Woking - 13th October 2014


The popularity of window tinting is increasing all the time, with many motorists keen to benefit from the renowned positive effects of window tints on car windows. But there’s also a growing trend for installing window tints on both residential and commercial buildings.

By applying window film to buildings, the levels of heat and glare will be markedly reduced, making your place of work or home conservatory a cooler and much more comfortable environment in which to be. Excessive heat will generally leave you feeling lethargic and ill, and as we all know, lethargy and illness do not inspire productivity at work.


Are you considering installing window tinting inside your building or residential property?


Dino Tints offers a quality automotive, residential and commercial window tinting service at a competitive price. We utilise Suntek’s carbon series film which offers a lifetime warranty against damage to the tint. We can work to your schedule and install the window tints as and when you need us to. Nothing but the best for you and your home or place of work.  


Window Tinting in Southampton - 29th September 2014


Window tinting enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle, making it appear slicker, sleeker, and more elegant. But the advantages of window tinting go beyond aesthetic enhancement.


Now you can drive from A to B without having to squint your eyes in response to the glare from the sun or worry about skin damage from over-exposure to UV rays while driving. There is an age-old myth that you can’t catch sunburn through glass. This is, however, not true, but window tinting will succeed in protecting you and all of those travelling in the car from suffering the potentially damaging effects of sunburn. UV window film not only protects you but it also prolongs the life of your vehicle upholstery by preventing fading.


Window tinting has many advantages when installed in cars, but window tints can also be applied to the interior glass surfaces of boats and buildings. If you install window tints you will have enhanced security, privacy and protection from UV rays in an instant, as well as interiors that remain cool in the summer.


Put simply, window tinting is the way forward. If you’re keen to find out more, look to Dino Tints. 


The Best Window Tinting in Guildford - 15th September 2014


Are you looking for a mobile window tinting company, a company that can visit you at work or at home and install window tints on your car windows?


The practice of car tinting is becoming increasingly popular as more people realise its obvious benefits. Window tinting on your car allows you to drive your car in peace without having to suffer from the glare of the sun’s rays. Whether for purposes of privacy, security, protection of upholstery and items inside the vehicle, heat and glare reduction, or just to enhance the general appearance of your vehicle, window tinting is popular for a reason.


Dino Tints can install window tints on cars and on buildings. The window film we install on your windows is guaranteed to endure and will not crack or peel once in position. Window tinting will improve the driving experience, and the window tints we use here at Dino Tints contain no metal, so there will be no interference with operating radios and mobile phones etc. With a wide range of the best window tinting products available, we’ll have the solution for you. 


Conservatory Window Tinting - 8th September 2014


Does your conservatory get too hot in summer?


When sunlight streams through the glass roof of a conservatory for any length of time it doesn’t take long for the temperature in the conservatory to rise. Not only do you have the high heat levels to contend with, but during the height of summer the glare from the sun can also make any time spent in your conservatory an uncomfortable one, and that’s not what conservatories are about. In summer, you’ll want to use your conservatory every day, for relaxing in, for eating in, and for entertaining in.


The solution? Conservatory window tinting.

Conservatory window tints will allow you to see through your conservatory roof without suffering the effects of glare from the sun. Window tints will ensure that a moderate temperature is maintained within the conservatory, allowing you to enjoy it even on the hottest day of the year. Conservatory window tinting also protects against harmful UV rays, blocking up to 99% of these rays while protecting against fading on furnishing and upholstery.


At Dino Tints our team of installers specialise in the application of residential window film, as well as car tinting and mobile window tinting. Conservatory window tints are an effective and cost effective way of being able to enjoy your conservatory throughout the hottest days of summer. 


Window Tinting In Guildford - 1st September 2014


Window tinting delivers benefits beyond your expectations. The practice of tinting windows has become a popular choice for motorists, particularly in recent years, as not only do window tints enhance the appearance of your vehicle but also protects both you and the interior of your vehicle from the damaging effects of the sun. Just as high factor sunscreen protects your skin from the sun so too does car tinting protect the inside of your vehicle from its ultra violet rays.


The window film used in window tinting also has another function. In keeping out the glare created by the sun’s rays, the vehicle’s interior remains cool and comfortable by reflecting the solar energy of the sun. This can help to reduce heat by up to 60% and, in turn, reduce the amount you need to use the car’s air-conditioning system, saving you fuel.


Window tinting reduces glare from the sun and from other headlights when driving at night. This potentially dangerous aspect of driving can be greatly reduced by fitting window film.


Are you looking for a company that offers window tinting in Guildford?

Dino Tints offers high quality automotive window films for all your vehicle’s windows as well as tail light tinting. Are you looking for mobile window tinting? We can help.


Safety, privacy, security, and no sunburn. Choose window tinting for your vehicle. 



Residential Window Cleaning - 17th August 2014


As with cars, window tinting is now being used in residential settings in order to offer homeowners the benefits of a sun blocker to prevent too much sunlight from penetrating the inside, while still allowing some light into the home.


Window film first came onto the market in the 1960s, offering homeowners a means of protecting their homes, themselves and the contents of their home from the damaging glare of the sun. If sunlight is often streaming through a window this can have the effect of fading furniture and doing permanent damage to possessions such as artwork and books. The advances in window tinting technology have continued to evolve, and now window film can block a large amount of heat energy while still allowing the homeowner to enjoy the view from their windows.


If you’re looking for residential window cleaning or window tints for your home windows to help protect the inside of your house from too much sun exposure, then look to Dino Tints. We offer car tinting, mobile window tinting and residential window tints to clients. We provide our clients with superior window films backed by excellent customer service. We do the job right, on time and to budget. 




Conservatory Tints - 3rd August 2014


Conservatories have been ‘all the rage’ – for want of a better expression – for a while now. Conservatories are a useful addition to most properties as they are generally sought after, increasing the value of the property. However, a conservatory traps heat easily. As sunlight penetrates through the roof and windows, the temperature inside your conservatory will increase rapidly. It’s not a good investment if the room you installed to relax in is too hot to even step into during the summer months.


In a case such as this, roller blinds will not offer protection from the heat, though they will provide a degree of shading. The only real solution is window tinting. But where is best to go for your conservatory tints?


Dino Tints offers window tints for conservatories in both commercial and domestic settings. We can install window film to conservatories of all shapes and sizes. If you’ve ever installed car tinting then you’ll know how effective window tinting can be. The film reflects the sun’s heat away, reduces the glare and reduces heat levels.


A conservatory extension is a real asset to your home, and in summer you should be able to enjoy sitting and eating inside it. Conservatory tints will allow you to do so without the assistance of electric fans and sunglasses. 




Car Tinting - 21st July 2014


Are you keen on the idea of window tinting for your car?


Whether for reasons of privacy, security, heat and glare reduction or the protection of interior upholstery, the installation of window film is one of the best ways to improve and enhance the overall look and inside feel of your car.


Car tinting will block out heat and deflect harmful UV rays from penetrating the glass while still allowing light through the car windows. This will allow you and your passengers to drive in comfort without being blinded by the sun on good weather days. Mobile window tinting also offers a positive solution to safety and security. Window tints will help to conceal any valuable possessions you may have left on show in your car. If in the event of a collision while you’re in the car, or if the car is broken into, the effect of having window tints may help to prevent glass shattering and reduce the risk of flying glass, and can deter someone from breaking into your car. To a certain extent, window tints can help to hold the windows together if smashed.


We’re generally in agreement that car tinting is a great idea, and where better that Dino Tints for your window tints?

At Dino Tints we travel to you. You get to continue with jobs at work or at home while we arrive to carry out the window tinting work for you. Our high quality window films, once applied, will thereafter give you the ultimate driving experience. Drive in style and drive in comfort with a little help from Dino Tints. 

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