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Plasti Dip

Dino Tints

When it comes to protecting your car, nothing does better than applying it with synthetic rubber coating. It’s better than vinyl and protects from moisture, acids, abrasion, corrosion and many more.


Here at Dino Tints, we are experts when it comes to applying Plasti Dip. This rubber coating can be the way to change the color of your car or to protect your car’s old paint.


We can Plasti Dip any type of vehicle out there. May it be a car or a bike anything that you can think of. When it comes to your budget, show us a quote and we will beat it. For inquiries or for more information, call us at 0790 423 5454


Plasti Dip is an incredible rubberized "paint" that will not only protect your vehicle's factory paint job, but will also make it look even better!


It lasts up to three years, but whenever you are ready, just simply peel it off to go back to your factory paint! Because it is a "faux paint" and is actually based on a liquid rubber which dries as a solid, you can now keep your car looking new and fresh with matte finishes that dry quickly and look spectacular. You may also request to add gloss and/or metalizer for a glossy/metallic look.


We can plasti dip any car parts, Just give us a call for more info and for a Quote 

Before                             After Plasti Dip

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