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Residential Tints

Dino Tints

Dino Tints is a specialist in the residential window film. We are proud to be a factory-authorized SunTek Architectural Film installer, offering the best window films in the industry. Their diverse product lines offer a variety of aesthetically-pleasing results and outstanding performance features.


SunTek's state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Martinsville, Virginia (US) produces window coatings that solve the visibility and appearance problems of conventional window tints while significantly reducing solar heat build up. These films provide high heat rejection while still maintaining decent levels of natural light. Fade- and corrosion-resistant, every film is backed by an exclusive manufacturer's warranty.



SunTek Architectural Window Films are the finest available in the world and will be an excellent choice for your home or office window protection.

The appearance, optical clarity and overall quality of SunTek Window Films are unmatched. For even the most meticulous consumer, there are multiple product lines to choose from that will suit your needs, from increasing comfort to saving energy.

  • Dual reflective with pleasing interior appearance.

  • Fade resistant.

  • Corrosion resistant.

  • Performs better than any sputtered film on the market.Safety. SunTek Window Film can help hold shattered glass together.

  • Improve Comfort.

  • Films reduce heat by 79%.

  • Save Money; environments cooler in summer, warmer in winter.


Commercial window tinting provides an affordable way to enhance security and reduce cooling and heating costs for your storefront, office, or exposed building. Dino Tints provides commercial window tinting in and arround South East England and is equipped with expert installation technicians and professional grade window films.


Dino Tints is your reliable and convenient stop for high quality office and commercial window film installation.


Dino Tints Commercial Window Tinting Services:


  • Decorative Tints and Films

  • Privacy Window Tinting

  • Thermal Rejection Window Tint

  • Solar / UV Blocking Window Tint

  • Skylight Window Tinting

Design and Security Commercial window film can be used to protect merchandise and advertise with window graphics and can also significantly reduce cooling and heating costs. Commercial window film can protect store front display products and furniture from being damaged caused by too much sun exposure. Plus, the layer of film installed adds extra security against smash-and-grab thieves. Similar to window tint, window graphics can be used to turn store windows into bright advertisements while adding a professional look to your office or storefront. To protect your investment and advertise your business, call Dino Tints today for a free no-obligation quote.

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