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Window tinting Aldershot

If you live in Aldershot and If you are looking to have your Windows tinted than you have come to the right place.

We offer you the convenience of traveling to you. You don’t need to take time off work or have the expense of traveling to a tint shop. Just relax in the comfort of your own home / office while we tint your car.

Saving you time and money! 

We offer you the highest quality window films available on the market. Providing increased safety and improved appearance, window tinting your car, home or office will dramatically improve your experience. We offer a large selection of window films, that will provide the best solution for your Car, Home, Office or Shop. All  our work is of the highest standard and guaranteed against bubbling or peeling.

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For residential window tinting,Suntek window film adds unsurpassed sun control and privacy without sacrificing style. That means no more glare, hot spots or damaging UV rays. And for car window tint jobs, nothing beats Suntek automotive window films for keeping your vehicle cool … and stylish.


We’ve been keeping homeowners and drivers cool and comfortable for a long time. Along the way, we’ve proudly built a name for ourselves in both residential and car window tinting. Please take a look around our site, and then give us a call or e-mail to schedule your installation or to receive a prompt, no-hassle quote.




Tinted windows dramatically improve an automobile's appearance, reduces interior heat, protects you from harmful UV rays, preserves upholstery, discourages theft, and reduces shattered glass during an accident. Window tinting is a better value than any other aftermarket product available.




With the increase in temperature also come an increase in your utility bill.

Dino Tints can help you lower your utility bill and maintain your office comfort level by reducing the amount of UV exposure coming through store/office front windows.



Hi-Line is the clear choice for window film in your home.

With the ability to install Lifetime Warranty films that block anywhere from 50-90% of the heat coming thorough your windows, the choice is simple.


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